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Five-Spice Chicken Vermicelli (Phở Gà Trộn)

Five-Spice Chicken Vermicelli (Phở Gà Trộn)

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Five-Spice Chicken Vermicelli (Phở Gà Trộn) is actually rice noodle and chicken without broth. According to many visitors to Hanoi, the taste of the dish is completely mind blowing.

‘Hanoi’s delicacy has always been simple and subtle. What matters the most is that it has to be delicious to satisfy foodies. Talking about Phở, we also have to mention the one that is served with no soup AKA Phở gà trộn, a modified version of the original one served with flavourful broth,’ says Derek, one food guide during the tour.

Five-Spice Chicken Vermicelli is mostly eaten for breakfast and relished by Hanoians. The variation in the dish is refreshing and your mouth will burst with some really distinct flavours. Rice noodles with chicken, herbs, peanuts, special dedicated sauce and a dash of calamansi, you are all set to experience the bowl of refreshing goodness. 

* 530 Cal, Dairy Free       

* Ingredients: Rice noodles, Five-spice chicken, Green leaf lettuce, Mints, Cilantro, Green papaya, Carrot, White onions, Fried onion, Peanut         

* Dressing sauce: T-ZO Black Sauce

* Contain: soy, peanuts, wheat

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